What if "Year-end Number 1" was a person?

What if "Year-end Number 1" was a person?


Let's pretend that instead of various players finishing as the ATP year-end number 1 (YE1), we have an individual who has continuously ended as the year-end number 1. What would their career look like?

For this article we have looked at the YE1's since 2000 and combined their results for the years in which they finished as YE1. For example, when extracting data from 2016 we only looked at Andy Murray's results and since 2016 was the only year Murray finished as YE1 it was the only year we extracted his results. The year 2000 is a fairly arbitrary cut-off point but is convenient for the purpose of this article. 

Grand Slam Titles

How many Grand Slam singles title would our imaginary player (Mr YE1) have won?

Wimbledon: 12

US Open: 11

Australian Open: 6

Roland Garros: 6

Total: 35



On average the YE1 will win 1.94 Grand Slams per season. Since 2000 the maximum won in a year has been 3 which has been done 6 times. Every YE1 has won at least 1 major during the year (this extends all the way to 1973).  

Grand Slam Finals

And here's how many Grand Slam finals Mr YE1 would have reached.

US Open: 13

Wimbledon: 12

Roland Garros: 12

Australian Open: 9

Total: 46

Having won 35 out of 46 Grand Slam finals, Mr YE1 has an astonishing 76% win rate.

On average the YE1 will reach 2.56 Grand Slam finals per season.

Since 2000 the YE1 has reached all 4 finals in a year 4 times. 

Masters 1000 & Year End Championship

Since 2000 Mr YE1 would have won 52 Masters 1000 titles including all 9 of the current tournaments at all 10 of the current venues and 2/3 of the now defunct venues (missing a title in Stuttgart). 

Of these, the most successful tournament for Mr YE1 would be Madrid/Hamburg (the 2nd clay court Masters) with 10 titles. His least successful tournament would be Paris with only 3 titles. He would have also won 10 Year End Championships out of a possible 18. 

On average the YE1 has won 2.89 Masters titles per season. The most won in a season has been 6 (by Djokovic in 2015) and the least is 0 (by Hewitt in 2001).

Overall Titles

Over the course of his 18 year career Mr YE1 would have won a staggering 142 singles titles, winning on average 7.89 titles per year

Since 2000 the most titles won in a season by the YE1 is 12 by Federer in 2006. The least amount of titles won by a YE1 is 4 also by Federer but this time in 2009. 

Weeks at Number 1

Here we are seeing how many weeks the YE1 spent as world number 1 during their YE1 year only. 

Over the course of his career Mr YE1 would have spent 526 weeks as world number 1. This would give him the Open Era record by 218 weeks.

On average he would have spent 29 weeks per year as world number 1. 

Win/Loss Record

It's no surprise that Mr YE1 would have a fantastic match win rate. 

Wins: 1313

Losses: 190

Win rate: 87.4%

On average Mr YE1 would have a win/loss record of 73-11 (87%).

Since 2000 the best win/loss record by a YE1 was 92-5 by Federer in 2006, this is in terms of number of match wins. The best record in terms of fewest losses is 4 also by Federer in 2004. These two years by Federer jointly hold the record for best match win percentage (95%).

Since 2000 the worst win/loss record in terms of win percentage and most losses by a YE1 was 63-22 (74%) by Kuerten in 2000. The worst record in terms of fewest match wins is 61, which has been done 3 times (2014, 2009 and 2002). 

Prize Money

Since tennis prize money has increased dramatically in the last 10 years this section doesn't provide much useful information except that Mr YE1 would be absolutely loaded. 

Career earnings = $181,078,570

Average earnings per year = $10,059,920

Average per year from 2010 onward = $14,781,871

Player Profile

So in summary here's how the average year would pan out for Mr YE1. It is also a useful tool for assessing how any YE1 performed relative to other YE1's as this is the recent average. 

  • 2 Grand Slam titles (probably Wimbledon and the US Open)
  • 3 Grand Slam finals
  • 3 Masters 1000 titles
  • Year End Championship (if he didn't win it last year)
  • 8 titles overall
  • 29 weeks as world number 1
  • 73-11 (87%) win/loss record
  • $10+ million in prize money

His career totals would be as follows:

  • 35 Grand Slam titles
  • 46 Grand Slam finals
  • 52 Masters 1000 titles
  • 10 Year End Championships
  • 142 titles overall
  • 526 weeks at world number 1
  • 1313-190 (87.4%) win/loss record
  • $181,078,570 in prize money
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